FISO is a pioneer in the introduction of fiber optic sensing technologies for medical applications. The company offers the most comprehensive line of fiber optic temperature and pressure sensors for medical devices.

Miniature Fiber Optic Pressure Transducers

FISO’s sensors offer significant advantages over traditional solid-state catheters:

  • The diameter of the working length section can be as small as 0.5 French 
  • The sensor tip size can be as small as 0.8 French 
  • The flexibility of the glass fiber offers excellent deliverability without being prone to kinking like electrical wires 
  • The front looking configuration of the sensor tip prevent side-facing/wall bouncing artifacts in the measurement
  • The lack of metallic components provide full immunity to interference from RF, MW and MRI systems.


Design of Fiber Optic Temperature Probes, Pressure Sensors and Signal Conditioners

  • Highly experienced engineering team who has been working on dozens of products used in FDA approved devices
  • In-house experts in the electronics, physics, chemistry and optics sectors
  • Quality ensured by a stringent regulatory compliance and the industry best practices
  • Partnerships with world-leading universities, institutes and research centers

Pressure Sensors